Welcome to the Center for Quantum Theoretical Physics!

We are part of the Department of Physics University of Belgrade, located at Studentski trg 12, Belgrade, Serbia. For more information on our location please visit our contact page.

Center for Quantum Theoretical Physics consists of three research groups working in the fields of condensed matter physics, quantum and mathematical physics, and high-energy physics.

NanoLab Group
Tatjana Vuković,
Associate Professor
Svetislav Mijatović,
Research Assistant
Marko Milivojević,
PhD student
Aleksandra Dimić,
PhD student

HEP Group
Maja Burić,
Marija Dimitrijević,
Associate Professor
Biljana Nikolić,
Teaching Assistant
Dragan Prekrat,
PhD student
Dragoljub Gočanin,
PhD student
Nikola Konjik,
PhD student
Bojana Brkić,
PhD student
Faculty of Physics, Belgrade
Institute of Physics, Belgrade
Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences

NanoLab Group for Quantum, Mathematical, and Nanophysics

We focus on a development of the group-theoretical methods and their application in the physics of low-dimensional systems. We study band structure, optical conductivity, plasmon excitations, Raman spectra, mechanical properties, electric and thermal transport, spin magnetic orderings etc. of low-dimensional systems like carbon and inorganic nanotubes, helical carbon nanotubes, graphene, polymers, and DNA, critical behavior and avalanches in ferromagnets, Barkhausen noise theory and experiment, kinetic models and simulations in gas discharges. We have developed a POLSym software package which can be used in polymer and nanotube research by scientists who are non-specialists in the group theory.

High-Energy Physics Theory Group

Research of our group is in quantum field theory and quantum gravity. We focus on renormalizability of field theories including models Beyond Standard Model (BSM), supersymmetric and noncommutative gauge theories, construction of noncommutative field theories and analysis of their symmetries and conservation laws, quantization of gravity, noncommutative geometry, models of noncommutative gravity, and Hawking radiation.

Center for Quantum Theoretical Physics is recognized as a Center of Excellence by the National Council for Science and Technological Development and is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development. Our research is also funded through the national research projects "Superconductivity, magnetism, and fluctuation phenomena" (project No. 171027), "Low-dimensional graphite and inorganic nanostructures" (project No. 171035), and "The physical implications of a modified space-time" (project No. 171031). Currently, the Center participates in international projects/nets: SEENET MTP NET, COST action "MP 1405: „Quantum structure of space-time“ (2015-2019.), and COST action "CA 18108: „Quantum gravity phenomenology in the multimessenger approach“ (2019-2023.).